A very unique and valuable project to help the low income yet honest and sincere member of the society. Interest free loans issued to such people to start their own small scale business like, rikshaw or texi, shop, sewing center etc.

Rashan Distribution

This project specially designed for Ramadan. In holy month free Rashan---a pack of lentils, dates, juice bottle, spices and flour; distribute among safeed posh families. With the help of kind donors each year more than 500 families get benefit in Ramadan.


This special service provided to local and oversea Pakistani Muslims. Meat of collective Qurbani distributed in slums area, orphanage and needy people. In 2005, Qurbani was sent to Earthquake victims and in 2003, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 to flood victim’s camps.

Sasta Bazar

It is a unique idea to provide basic necessities to safeed posh families without hurting their ego. We manage a bazaar of used clothes, shoes, utensils, household items on very low prices for such persons. This provides a respectful and reasonable way to choose and select items for themselves without any shame.

Marriage Fund

To help such safeed posh needy families who cannot ask anyone for help. Shaoor started this project where quietly funds, dowry items like clothes, bed sets, kitchen utensils etc. provided. Also funds for lunch disburse to such needy families, Allhumdulilah!

Prisoners welfare Project

This project initiated in Ramadan 2007 by conducting a Daur e Quran at central jail women wing. It was very heart breaking experience to see young females and kids in jail due to insufficient ransom. Shaoor took special step with EDOs social welfare to make arrangements to pay bail amount for such deserving prisoners.