The Welfare Organization

it was in ramadan of year 1999,when a group of concerned member of institute went to noorpur,people were sitting on the garbage searchingfor food. Barefooted,dirty clothes and unwashed hairbrought tears in eyes of the concerned team and thus they got determined to improve their living standard. they decided to started the school for their childrenand provide them with quality and marketable educationfree of cost.

This decision brought a wave of pleasure and hope in heartsof many along with seema.Seema appealed to team to support the education of her children. team kept its promise and did want ever was possible for bright future of her children.Her elder daughter shmaila who was a bright student joined madrissa as well as schoolfor general education. She became a hafiza and an electrical engineer all the Grace of Allah All Mighty.

Her second daughter mariam performed really well.She managed to do her I.Com and B.Com. We are very proud to say that now she has also become a teacher herself and is serving the nation.

Her son wanted to be an Army officer and did what ever possible to help him to be one. team even provided him with stuff to live in hostel when he got into army. We are happy that Allah gave us this opertunity and we were able to do something for this poor lady.

How ever we this all would not have been possible without the aid of oue generous friend and supporters who have been giving us tremendous amount of donations.