Shaoor Welfare Organizations are registered NGOs, working under the guidance and patronage of “Mrs.Naila Mahmood”.

Shaoor’s philosophy was to run a search for valuable pearls which were being wasted roaming aimlessly.

Shaoor started 15 schools in slums of the city. Each student is provided with text books, stationary, uniforms. Also many welfare projects started to empower their parents to earn their living.

Resources permitting we provide uniform, shoes, sweaters, health kits and other types of help needed by the children and their families including food.

These projects started with free education for all. The ever increasing number of students motivated us to establish schools in farfetched and under developed vicinities. Today these have more than 450 children in most of the schools. Starting from the one school with 300 children Shaoor today is running 15 schools and educating more than 6000 students.