Most Pressing Issue of Planet Literacy for Pakistan

A man once to the Prophet (peace be upon him) “I have plenty of property, a large family, a great deal of money, and I am a gracious host to my guests. Tell me how to conduct my life and how to spend (my money).” The Prophet replied: “Give (regular charity) out of your property, for truly it is a purifier, and be kind to your relatives and acknowledge the rights of the poor, neighbors and (those in need who seek your help).”
Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3, Number 3

We should all be on humanitarian mission

To help the dying youth money is pivotal because it will allow us to work on a major scale and provide services. These children were howling monsters, they never saw anything like this before. They were so happy wandering around in Quran academy. They ask us “Why your charity is changing our life radically?” the answer is simple; changing one person is equal to changing the whole humanity. All funding is properly audited and monitored. If the project doesn’t meet our standards it will be cancelled. It will be a youth center to help the orphans and abandoned children.

Shaoor school system is trying to do its best with the grace of Almighty Allah. You are requested to adopt a child by supporting him/her financially on monthly basis.

Please come and join us to bring a change in the lives of the deserving children.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity” Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589
Donations can be sent on the following Address and Bank Account:
Address: 61/A Nizami Street Peoples Colony # 1 Faisalabad.
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A/C # 0100-135860000721 Burj Bank Saleemi Chowk Branch Faisalabd Pakistan
Contact #: 041-8733910, 8711784

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