In 2013-14 pure water filter project started

  • Sponsored by
  • Mr.& Mrs Maj.Shahnawaz
  • Mrs.Basra Zulifaqar & her team including Rana Zahid Family
  • Mrs.Memona Waseem
  • Mrs.Tehniyat Omer
  • Fareeda from UK.
  • Dr.Naila from London
  • In 2014-15 Future projects of pure water filter started

  • Sponsored by
  • Pallah Town by Mrs. Taskeen Riaz
  • Babuwala by Mrs. Ruby Amjad
  • Rajada Town by Mrs. Basra
  • Shaoor Boarding Boys School by Mrs. Memona Waseem
  • Donation Form

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    Small plant : Rs. 3,00,000
    Large plant : Rs. 4,00,000
    Hand pump installation : Rs. 40,000
    Note: Cost includes plant installation and other over head charges.
    How you like to submit your donation?
    By hand
    By cheque
    Please make cross cheque in the name of Shaoor Welfare Organization.
    Bank Detail
    Burj bank
    A/C title: Shaoor Welfare Organization
    A/C #: 0010135860000721
    Branch code: 0010
    Swift code: bic.burjPKKA
    Postal address: 61/A Nizami Street Peoples colony # 1, Faisalabad, Pakistan